Shortcut Keys in Busy Accounting Software

Shortcut Keys in Busy Accounting Software, Hot Keys in Busy, Busy Accounting Software

Learn how to save your time and maximize your output in less time in your existing software. In this video we are going to teach you how you can increase your working speed on Busy Accounting Software by learning various shortcut keys and maximize use of your keyboard instead of mouse. We will also teach you various shortcut keys that will help you in working in Multi-tasking mode, i.e. you can open various screens one upon the other without going back to the menu everytime, and closing the current screen. Teaching all these techniques to your team-mates and collegues you can increase the efficiency of your organization, and thus maximizing output in less time.


Global Keys   Local Keys
Key Action   Key Action
F1 Global Help Screen   F1 Help on current Page / Topic
Ctrl+F1 Add Account   F2  Save Master / Voucher
Ctrl+F2 Add Item   F3 Add Master
F3 Add Master   F4  Standard Narration
Ctrl+F3 Add Voucher   F5  List of Records
Ctrl+F5 Add Payment   F6 Change Voucher Type
Ctrl+F6 Add Receipt   F7 Repeat Last Value
Ctrl+F7 Add Journal   F8  Delete Selected Masters / Vouchers
Ctrl+F8 Add Sales   F9 Delete Selected Row in Grid
Ctrl+F9 Add Purchase   F10 Calculator
Ctrl+B Balance Sheet   F11 Pick Items from Orders or Challan
Ctrl+T Trial Balance   F12 Copy or Duplicate Record
Ctrl+S Stock Status   Alt +M Modify Master
Ctrl+A Account Summary   Alt + P Print Record
Ctrl+L Account Ledger   Alt+X Cancel / Activate Voucher
Ctrl+I Item Summary   Page Up Previous Record
Ctrl+D Item Ledger   Page Down Next Record
Ctrl+G GST Summary      
Ctrl+U Switch User   Master Keys
Ctrl+F Configuration   Ctrl+Alt+M Main Menu
Ctrl+K Lock Program   Ctrl+Alt+A Administration Menu
F10 Calculator   Ctrl+Alt+T Transaction Menu
      Ctrl+Alt+D Display Menu
      Ctrl+Alt+P Printing Menu
      Ctrl+Alt+H Help Menu
      Ctrl+Alt+F Favourites Menu

Shortcut Keys in Busy Accounting Software, Hot Keys in Busy, Busy Accounting Software

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