How To Implement Second Language Feature in Busy

How to implement Second Language Feature in Busy
How To Implement Second Language Feature in Busy

Like most of the other business management softwares, BUSY also input/output all data in English language. But sometimes it is required to print Invoice and other reports in user’s native language like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Arabic etc. To manage the same, user can enable ‘Second Language Supportfeature in BUSY. With the help of this feature, user can set a second language which is other than English and can specify some of the Company/Item/Account details in that language.

Provision made to specify Company/Account/Item details in one more language (Second Language) for the purpose of printing in Invoice. Can be done in following steps:

a) Enable through Administration -> Configuration -> General tab.
b) Specify Second Language details in Company/Account/Item masters.
c) Create personalised Second Language Dictionary for static words to be used in Invoice printing. Available as Administration -> Misc. Data Entry -> Second Language Dictionary.
d) Enable Second Language details printing in Standard Invoice configuration.
e) Bulk Updation of Accounts/Items for Second Language provided as Administration -> Masters -> Bulk Updation -> Update Account/Item Second Language Details.
f) Export/Import of masters Second Language details in XML format through Administration -> Data Export/Import.

To look at all the steps of enabling and using this feature in detail then click on the link below to download a pdf file describing the whole process in detail :


Video Presentation of How To Implement Second Language Feature in Busy

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How to implement Second Language Feature in Busy

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